Zygomatic implants Beverly Hills California


In some special cases the upper jaw becomes deficient in bone. That is when zygomatic implants are required which can be inserted into the cheekbone to derive support for a dental bridge. The benefits of these implants are that-

  • No need for extensive surgery for bone grafting
  • Reduced cost and duration of treatment
  • Only one surgery required and the patient can have his new teeth on the same day of the surgery.

For replacement of all the teeth, 4 implants are needed in total-

  • Two in the front and
  • Two zygomatic implants (one on each side)

Your present denture is used as a base to construct a temporary dental bridge made out of acrylic and this covers the surgical area and helps in normal functioning till you receive your permanent prosthesis after complete wound healing. The healing takes an approximate period of 4 to 6 months after which a permanent hybrid bridge fabricated on a metal bar is placed in the mouth in place of the temporary bridge.

In order to replace all your teeth, typically 2 zygomatic implants are needed (one on each side) with 2 more implants in the front, for a total of 4 implants. A temporary, all-acrylic dental bridge is created from your existing denture and this acts as a temporary while you heal from the surgery. After 4-6 months, a permanent hybrid prosthesis supported on a metal bar is created by your restorative dentist.