After Socket Bone Grafting At Beverly Hills Oral Surgery

After Socket Bone Grafting At Beverly Hills Oral Surgery

The information given below is apt for those cases in which the grafting material has been inserted within the extraction sites so that the jawbone is prepared to receive dental implants.

A bone graft is composed various types of particles. You may feel some tiny granules within your mouth for the initial few days. There is no need to worry about this. It is quite normal for the tits and bits of graft material to travel from the graft location into your mouth. However, there are certainly some steps that can be taken by you to reduce the quantity of particles that get displaced.

  • Never disturb the area where graft has been placed by touching it or by any other means.
  • Do not rinse harshly or spit forcefully for at least 2 days so that the blood clot formed gets stabilized and the graft remains undisturbed.
  • Avoid putting pressure from your tongue or fingers to the graft site because the graft material is slightly movable during the initial phase of healing.
  • Shun your curiosity to look at your sutures because you will lift your lip or pull them and disturb the wound in return.
  • Avoid smoking.

After the second day, you can rinse your mouth mildly. Do not apply extra force or you will end up in loosening up the graft granules. If you were wearing a partial denture or a flipper, contact your dentist so that necessary alterations can be made in your appliance for it fit in your mouth without disturbing the graft area.

We look forward to seeing you recover in a smooth way without the onset of any complication. These simple steps mentioned above will help you do so. In case of any doubts or queries feel free to call us. For better response and delivery of services kindly contact us during the office hours. Nevertheless, you have always an option to call Dr. Gabbaypour on his personal cell phone.