iV VITAMIN Infusion 

The beauty of intravenous vitamin infusions is that the high-doses of the vitamins
go directly to where your body needs it. In contrast, oral vitamins must travel through your gastrointestinal system and much of the vitamin is wasted. There is no waste involved with our unique intravenous vitamin infusions.

You can look forward to feeling better quickly! 

Vitamin a

Vitamin A is a compound that is made of retinol and retinal. It usually appears naturally in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A can even help with a certain type of leukemia. Vitamin A is an unsaturated organic compound. Vit A is fat-soluble and composed of retinol and retinal. Vit A occurs naturally both in fruits and vegetables, the fruit converts the beta-carotene phytochemical into vitamin A.



● Vitamin A helps body tissues grow healthy and quickly.
● Vitamin A can help recover skin injury and other skin conditions.
● Vitamin A can help cell growth and a healthy immune system
● Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for the development of tissues, it helps the body tissues to grow healthy and quickly.
● Vitamin A has proven benefits in the recovery of skin injury and other skin medical conditions.
● Vitamin A maintains a proper immune function and thus helps the body to recover easily and faster after surgery


Vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin that can be found in yeast, cereal, beans and other objects. It is believed it can help with tiredness.



● Vitamin B can help with growth of red blood cells.
● Vitamin B can help with a healthy appetite and digestion.
● Vitamin B can even help with good eyesight.
● Vitamin B can help with many other things, including preventing
mosquito bites.


Vitamin C is a vitamin that contains various types of helpful acids that can help you have a healthy appetite. Vitamin C can be seen in many types of foods like tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers.



  • Helps immune system
  • Vitamin C can help your wounds heal.
  • Vitamin C can help with high blood pressure and many other great benefits.


Vitamin D3 is a vitamin that is found in animals, plants, butter, fish oil, sunlight and many other sources.



  • Vitamin D3 can prevent heart disease.
  • Types of Vitamin D3 can boost weight loss.
  • Vitamin D3 can even prevent many common illnesses, such as the flu.